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Your membership starts when you enter the 25-character key found on your item card or request affirmation email norton.com/setup .

How to Enroll via norton.com/setup Product Code?


  1. Go to www.norton.com/setup.
  2. Sign In or Create a New Account.
  3. Select Your Purchased Norton setup product.
  4. Download Norton Setup.
  5. Run Setup and Follow On-Screen Instructions.

What is Norton Product Key Code and norton.com/setup ?

The Norton licence key is a Alpha numeric-letters in order code accompany Norton’s membership. Go to the rear of membership card and locate your 25 digits code. Utilization of Norton item key at norton.com/setup to confirm your membership.

Download or Setup an Account – norton.com/setup

A guarantee you can rely on

Norton so sure about our capacity to keep your gadgets secure, we offer our Virus Protection Promise.

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Install Norton device security | norton.com/setup

  1. Go to norton.com/setup or www.norton.com/setup.
  2. Download the real and most recent variant of Norton Antivirus from the official website www.norton.com/setup.Purchase the CD/DVD for the Norton and addition into the drive.
  3. Enter the item key which is a 25 digit key that can be gotten by means of email or in CD parcels.
  4. Continue with the default setting by choosing the NEXT alternative.
  5. Accept the permit and understanding terms by picking YES.
  6. Norton arrangement with item key can be initiated by going to Norton settings
  7. Read the directions and proceed with default settings. At that point select OK, at that point NEXT and click DONE.
  8. Congratulations on introducing and finishing Norton’s arrangement.

Norton Account Sign In & Set Up | norton.com/setup

  1. Pay a visit to www.norton.com/setup .
  2. Sign up for Norton record or sign in on the off chance that you as of now have one.
  3. Enter your 25 digit Norton item key and snap ENTER .
  4. After enactment of Norton antivirus, go to your Norton account and select your item choice under administrations i.e Norton 360, Norton security, Norton web security, Norton security grand, Norton Antivirus, Norton security standard and so on.
  5. Download the item for Mac and introduce. Hold up until your Mac restarts.
  6. Update your Norton item to the most recent form .
  7. Check firewall settings and update your working framework if necessary.
  8. Run a full output just to ensure it’s running great.

How Create a Norton Account and why is it necessary?

How to Determine If I Already Have a Norton Account?
1.In the event that you have introduced or enacted a Norton item, you in all likelihood have a Norton account. As a component of the establishment or actuation process, you have to make one by giving your name, email address, and a secret key.
2.On the off chance that you bought an item from the Norton Online Store or reestablished a Norton item membership, you were approached to give your name, email address and a secret key, and a Norton account was made for you.
3.On the off chance that you pursued Norton Family, Norton Online Backup, or Norton Safe Web, you may have a Norton account. In any case, guarantee that this record additionally has the Norton Family permit related with it.
4.On the off chance that you got your Norton item from your specialist organization, sign on to your specialist co-op site or find the email that you were sent when you bought in to the Norton support and adhere to the guidance to make a Norton account.

Manage and Setup Your Norton Protection From Your Account

How to Create a Norton Account?
1. Pay a visit to norton.com/setup | www.norton.com/setup and click Sign in.
2. Tab over and select create a account.
3. Enter your credintials Name, email address and phone number.
4. Create a password you need to use these credentials to sign in to Norton in future.
5. Select your country and check mark the privay policy , then hit create account.
How to Download and Install Norton Product with the help of product key?
1. Pay a visit to www.norton.com/setup norton.com/setup and Sign in.
2. Type in your email and password assocaited with norton account and hit get started.
3. Enter your product key, while redeeming your product key it may take a while
4. Go to your service and Subscription Click Agree and Download.
5. Depending on your browser if your using Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer click Run open Save.


PCs turned out to be valuable to the lives of thousands around the globe. Each feature of our regular routine is dependent to pc methods. Each segment of society is controlled by PC made framework. Regardless of the numerous great advantages that originate from PCs, there are individuals who’re attempting to devastate these creation forms by making PC programs designed for crushing the PC framework. They make infections that harm PCs when casualties unexpectedly open them. The advances in PC OS are proceeding.

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What is Norton Product Key?

A Alpha numeric-letters in order code accompany Norton’s membership. Go to the rear of membership card and locate your 25 digits code. Utilization of Norton item key at norton.com/setup to confirm your membership.

How to Create a Norton Account?

In order to associate your email you need to pay a visit to my.norton.com , follow the on screen procedure > enter your credentials and hit create a account > read the agreement and hit create a account.

How to Switch S mode on windows 10 to install Norton product?

Go to the settings > under settings hit the option where it says update and security > go to the activation part from the left on the list > go to the Microsoft store Sign-out from S mode and then, you set free to install Norton from any other browser or any open source.

What is norton.com/setup?

norton.com/setup is a Uniform Resource Locator where you can start your subscription for the Norton Products and Services with the help of Norton product key purchased from retail store or online.

Norton.com/setup enter product key

In the Get Started page, click Download Norton. If you have a product key that is not yet registered to your account, click Enter a New Product Key. Type the product key and click >. Follow the on-screen instructions to activate the product

Where Can I Find My Norton Product Information?

Sign in to Norton to view your subscription information. At the top-right, under your profile, click My Subscriptions. Under the Subscriptions tab, click your Norton product to see the number of seats available for installation

Norton.com/setup download and install

  • Sign In to Norton.
  • If you are not signed in to Norton already, you will be prompted to sign in. …
  • In the My Norton window, click Download.
  • Click Agree & Download. …

norton.com/setup activate

  • Start Norton.
  • In the main screen, click Activate Now.
  • Click Next.
  • In the My service PIN field, type the PIN that is provided to you by your service provider.
  • Click Activate.
  • Type in a name for your computer, and then click Activate.
  • Close the Activation Complete! window.
  • Click Finish.